Big mistake of KFC, gave full earning of one day with sandwich, woman set example of honesty

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Sandwich With 43k Cash: You must have heard many tales and stories of honesty in the world, but today we are going to tell you about such a story, by listening to which you can take a lot of inspiration in your life. The story is of Joanne Oliver, a resident of Jackson in Georgia, USA, who has made her name bright all over the world by setting an example of honesty.

After this work of his, he is being praised a lot all over the world. Actually this woman had ordered her lunch by going to KFC restaurant. After this, when he came to his office and opened the lunch meal, his senses were blown away, because apart from that lunch meal, there were about 43 thousand rupees in that packet.

called the police immediately

Showing humanity and honesty, the American woman immediately called the police and gave all the money to the police. During the investigation, the police found that all the money belonged to KFC and this money had mistakenly gone into the lunch meal bag of that woman. The police returned all the money back to the manager of the restaurant. The woman has not only set an example of honesty by doing such a thing, but has also saved the job of that manager. After this wonderful work, KFC thanked Joan Oliver for free lunch meal. The police of the City of Jackson posted on Facebook saying that we are all proud of you Joan. Thanking Oliver in the post, it was also written that people like you make this city great.

Oliver is going through financial crisis

Let us tell you that Joan Oliver is going through a financial crisis at this time, she does not even have money for the treatment of her husband’s cancer. Her husband has also had a heart attack twice. Despite this, Oliver says that if you do good to someone else, then you yourself are good to yourself. That money was not mine, so I returned it. Talking to a TV channel, he said that for a second, he thought that I should go shopping with all the money, although he said this as a joke.

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, Big mistake of KFC, gave full earning of one day with sandwich, woman set example of honesty
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