China’s attitude towards Taiwan softened, said this

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China Vs Taiwan: China softened its stance towards Taiwan, saying on Wednesday that the self-governing island is certain to come under China, but will try to do so in a peaceful manner. US President Joe Biden recently made a statement that if China attacks Taiwan, his country will defend the self-governing island. A day earlier, American and Canadian warships had passed through the Taiwan Strait, after which this statement has come from China.

When asked about the growing concern about China’s use of force against Taiwan, official spokesman for Taiwan Affairs Ma Xiaoguang said, “I want to reiterate… we will sincerely and sincerely strive for peaceful reunification.” are interested.”

China and Taiwan were separated in 1949

Significantly, in the civil war of 1949, China and Taiwan were separated and the mainland was occupied by the Communist Party, while rival nationalists formed their government on Taiwan. During the press conference on the Taiwan issue, Ma Xiaoguang did not use the word force in his reply, as he used to say in the past. He said China would take “concrete steps” if Taiwan or its international supporters acted against provocation.

‘Unification will definitely happen’

Ma Xiaoguangne ​​said China would implement more policies to help Taiwan, underscoring the benefits of integration with China and encouraging people-to-people contact. “The motherland should be unified and (it) will certainly be unified. This is a historical practice that no one can stop,” he said.

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, China’s attitude towards Taiwan softened, said this
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