Have you seen the round wheels installed on the roofs of factories? Know what their work is

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Turbo Ventilator: Exhaust fans are installed in homes to remove the heat from the rooms. Different types of exhaust fans will be available in the market from cheap to expensive. Nowadays, many types of designer exhaust fans are seen in the market to be installed in the kitchen. But have you ever seen round wheels on the roof of factories or on the roof of a complex? Actually these are different types of exhaust fans? These exhaust fans are called ‘turbo ventilators’. In this article, we will tell you what is the work of ‘Turbo Ventilator’.

How are factory exhaust fans

Whenever you have passed around any factory, you must have seen a round thing moving on the roof of the factory which is made of steel. The rotating round thing made of this steel is called ‘Turbo Ventilator’. Turbo ventilators are installed on the roofs of factories, so that it can remove the heat inside the factory. Turbo Ventilator is also known by many other names like- Turbine Ventilator, Roof Tough Air Ventilator.

Turbo Ventilator is a slow moving fan that expels hot air. Since windows and doors do not work to remove hot air, turbo ventilators are used from factories or any premises to railway stations.

Does the turbo ventilator remove only hot air?

Turbo Ventilators can remove the hot air inside a premises as well as remove the foul smell and moisture inside the premises. Therefore, using it in every big campus proves to be very beneficial.

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, Have you seen the round wheels installed on the roofs of factories? Know what their work is
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