People shocked by the announcement of Vladimir Putin! Forced to leave the country, all flights were booked

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Russians Rush For Flights: There has been an atmosphere of panic in Russia since Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement of ‘mobilizing troops’. Since this announcement, people here have booked a large number of one-way flight tickets, due to which all flights are full. At the same time, the ticket prices have started touching the sky.

If the countrymen leave in this way, it is also believed that Russia’s borders may soon be closed or Putin may announce a broad call-up, which can lead to war. On the other hand, according to Russia’s top travel planning website, within minutes of Putin’s announcement, all flights from Moscow to Georgia, Turkey and Armenia, where Russian nationals do not require visas, were scheduled for September 21. Tickets sold out.

Many airlines refused to sell tickets

From this it can be clearly seen that people here are scared since Putin’s announcement of the deployment of reserve troops. People are leaving their own country. There is an atmosphere of chaos all around here. On one hand the people present here are protesting and on the other hand the rest are wanting to leave the country. However, in the meantime, there is also news that Russian airlines have refused to sell tickets to people aged 18 to 65 years.

Exodus increased after the war with Ukraine

In fact, on Wednesday, Putin, while warning of war, announced that reserve troops would be deployed. Russia has seen a remarkable exodus of civilians since Putin ordered his troops to invade Ukraine nearly seven months ago. Now his statements have instilled the fear of nuclear threat among the people here.

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, People shocked by the announcement of Vladimir Putin! Forced to leave the country, all flights were booked
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