Shivraj government gave a gift to pensioners, 6 percent increase in DR

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Bhopal News: Before the festivals, the Madhya Pradesh government has given gifts to 4.75 lakh pensioners of the state. The government has increased their dearness relief (DR) by 6%, which will be applicable from September. Its payment will be made from this month. The state government has increased the dearness relief to 4.75 lakh pensioners. The dearness relief rate will be 189% for the pensioners of the sixth pay scale and 22% for the pensioners or family pensioners getting the seventh pay scale.

The increased rate will be applicable from this month
The increased rate will be payable from September- 2022 i.e. from this month. The increased inflation rate will also be applicable in the additional pension getting to the pensioners of the age of 80 years or more. For pensioners or family pensioners in the sixth pay scale, dearness relief was approved at 174% in the month of May and 22% in the seventh pay scale. The payment was started in the month of June at the increased rate.

who will be eligible
Dearness relief will be payable on superannuation, retirement, disability and compensation pension. Employees dismissed or removed from service will also be eligible for dearness relief on the compassionate allowance accepted and dearness relief to pensioners receiving family pension and extraordinary pension will also be payable as per the relevant orders of the Finance Department.

In August, Sarkaran had increased the DA of employees
Earlier in the month of August, the Madhya Pradesh government had given a gift to its employees. Dearness Allowance (DA) of about seven and a half lakh employees of the state was increased by 3 percent. It was paid from September. After this, the DA of the employees of Madhya Pradesh was also increased to 34 percent similar to the central employees. Seven and a half lakh employees had benefited from this.

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, Shivraj government gave a gift to pensioners, 6 percent increase in DR
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